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One morning God gather the inhabitants of the planet to give each of them his spot on the Earth. As the Bulgarian was not of the type to push things he was the last one to present himself before the Creator when the distribution was over. Not to send him back empty-handed, God had no other solution but to give him a piece of Paradise.

At the crossroads of geographic and cultural worlds of Europe and Asia, of the Slavic, Mediterranean and Asian parlors, of Christian and Muslim traditions, Bulgaria is par excellence a country of contrasts and pronounced identity.

The accommodation network of BAAT (Bulgarian Association for Alternative Tourism) will give you a chance to live and to experience at your own pace an impressive cultural and natural heritage, picturesque villages with the lovely white bell towers and bagpipe melodies. And then there is the famous yogurt, local vines, traditional recipes and finally the art of living itself. Let us share our passion with you!


BAAT-Bulgarian Association of Alternative Tourism

BAAT-Bulgarian Association of Alternative Tourism

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E-mail: baat@spnet.net
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