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Norwegian Rural Tourism and Food from the Farm - rural Norway at your fingertips!

There has never been an easier way to access information about all the fantastic experiences that rural Norway has to offer. HANEN provides details of farm holidays, produce, eating places and activities throughout Norway. Learn about the nature, culture and people first-hand. HANEN enables you to quickly and easily get in direct touch with farms and businesses.

If you want to experience or purchase food from the farm, look for the cockerel symbol. This shows you where you can find genuine Norwegian farm products. The symbol is also a sign of quality and excellence. Genuine food from the farm - where taste, experience and heritage are important!

Embark on a virtual voyage of discovery with the HANEN website before experiencing rural Norway for yourself. Search and see for yourself how easy it is to find out where you can stay overnight, buy traditional goat's milk cheese, tasty cured meats and preserves, or where you can hire a boat with an engine, play golf, hire a room for more than 30 guests with catering or find Grete, that kind landlady who looked after you so well but whose details you've lost! Rural Norway is all this and more!

Have a nice trip, and welcome to Norway!



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