Greenways project finished
The Project was started with its Kick-off meeting in Vitoria (ES) on 26th-April and a workshop on the following day. A second meeting was held in Nantes at the end of September, and a specific one-day workshop on Greenways was integrated into the 4th European Congress on Rural Tourism in October.

It fits in the call to “promote transnational thematic tourism” products in the European Union and to develop sustainable tourism. For the first time, Greenways have been included in the grant programme of the European Commission’s General Directorate of Tourism (2011), indicating that they are an area regarded to have great potential and value for the development of sustainable tourism within Europe.

The aim of the project was to promote and increase international awareness of European greenways as excellent facilities for cyclists, walkers and people with disabilities and to greatly improve sustainable tourism choices in Europe.

The “Greenways4Tour” project includes the launch of the European Greenways Observatory (EGO) - a web platform aimed at a wide audience (both greenway users and providers).The EGO includes as many European Greenways as possible, describing their location and the main features of these routes. Members of EGWA and other interested institutions have the opportunity to provide key data about their greenways which are gathered on this unique web platform, initially available in three languages: English, French and Spanish.