Burgenland is known as “the land of variety”. No wonder, since there is so much to discover here: from the vivid patchwork of colorful fields, to natural pools of warm, peaceful waters. But the most special thing you find here, is what you already carry within yourself… Burgenland is home to traditional Streckhof farmhouses, extended buildings with idyllic inner courtyards. A region of agriculture and forestry, arable farming, wine growing, and cattle rearing. With 300 days of sunshine annually, the climate is particularly dry and warm. Pause to listen on occasion, as the reeds rustle in the breezes that waft off the Neusiedler See. Such a sense of peace, you will soon find yourself completely relaxed. Or try to hear the gentle breathing of the vines and vineyards, a quiet rhythm always in sync with the changing seasons. In the south, you will feel the sun’s rays caressing your cheeks, one more reminder that Farm Holidays have something truly special about them… Farmers. Traditions. Tidbits. These include tomato soup, cabbage and bean strudel, hearty Grammelpogatscherln, corn polenta, herbs and apples from southern Burgenland, chestnuts and walnuts from central Burgenland. Or perhaps Kittsee apricots and Trockenbeerenauslese wine … The farmers here have a lot to offer. During the wine baptism and lantern festival at Martinmas. When the maypoles are raised, and all the young lads and lasses seem to go a little crazy. At the Cider Fair in Neuhaus am Klausenbach, where you can shuck corn, polish pumpkins, press fruit. And afterwards, enjoy mushroom soup, cured farmhouse meats and Boanritschert