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COVID-19 impact on Rural Tourism – Survey Summer 2020
COVID-19 impact on Rural Tourism - Survey Summer 2020   Dear colleagues in Europe and worldwide. COVID-19 has shaken the tourism worldwide.  What is the impact of this COVID-19 pandemia on rural / countryside tourism?  How are expectations to recover from the actual lockdown? How can this recovery be fast and effective?   At the beginning…
AgriTravel Expo virtual fair 24-27th September 2020
AgriTravel Expo virtual fair 24-27th September 2020   From Thursday to Sunday this week, we join the experiment of a completely virtual tourism fair on occasion of  AgriTravel Expo.    For those of you that joined with virtual stand, are interested in the three roundtables we organize (or any other event of the professional programme), or…
Access IT: Innovation for Accesible Tourism

Access IT aims to identify the determinants of tourism accessibility in natural and rural areas; develop case studies of accessible tourism in NRAs, utilising video and other methods for capturing and recording access improvements and user experiences Eurogites is participating in this project, for more detailed info check here

10 Beautiful lakes
10 Beautiful lakes Greece combines in a unique fashion, its history, its civilization, its traditions and its hospitality. This combination never ceases to amaze! Greece is not only populated tourist islands nor ancient stones, it is endowed with natural wealth which you can discover if you prefer, with outdoor activities. In this country, where mountains…


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