Alta Austria

Upper Austria is often referred to as “The Land before the Alps”. For it is here that the mountains begin, stretching out towards the horizon and smiling down upon us. A place where the hills are so gentle and lush, you wish you could reach out and caress them. Though actually, it is the very sight of them that actually touches your soul. So it is that sights become insights, filled with wonderful surprises… Here you will find arable and grassland farms, cereal crops, beef and pig farming, einhof (single-building) and vierkanthof (four-sided) farms. And all of this, naturally, in each of the province’s four famous regions.Step out onto the flower-filled meadow, nestled in the midst of this broad valley. Allow your eyes to gaze into the distance, to roam across the fruitful fields. Raise your arms in the air. Feel the openness of the world around you. It is here that a Farm Holiday offers everything you need. Farmers. Traditions. Delicacies. Dumplings in all variations, along with bacon and country doughnuts. All take their rightful place on your wooden meal platter, as you spend your holiday on the farm. Authentic corned pork, pickled sausage and head cheese. And afterwards, French toast with stewed plums. Or apple snakes. Leonding green asparagus, Innviertel bacon, vegetables from the Eferdinger Gemüselandl, Mühlviertel mountain herbs, potatoes from the Sauwald. And a fine Schlierbacher or Mondsee cheese … The farmers always have the inside scoop on upcoming special events, too: the Corpus Christi procession on the shores of the Hallstätter See or in Traunkirchen. Brass music performed by Weisenbläser at the Almsee in Gmunden. St. George’s parades, Liebstatt Sunday, Glöcker processions, Krambamerln, Rockerroas, Nativity hikes …