A place where there is something of everything: agriculture, grain and wine farming, specialty businesses and farms with exclusive Geniesserzimmer, the Pannonian climate and high mountains.

Feel the breadth, the understated cheerfulness that will cause your heart to laugh out loud. Feel that same breadth within yourself. Here you will find outdoor activity and tranquility in one. Amid the deep, mysterious forests. In venerable churches, abbeys and ruins. And definitely on the farm, where it seems you have known the people there forever. Just as it should be …

Farmers. Traditions. Tidbits.
The farmers can tell you what tastes the best. Waldviertel poppy-seed noodles, crisp Marchfeld asparagus. Wachau apricots. Weinviertel potatoes. Ybbstal trout. Apple cider from the hill country of the Bucklige Welt. Pear cider from the Mostviertel. Accompanied by sheep’s cheese …

You make yourself comfortable out on the terrace, your gaze roams across the vineyards and ascends the hillsides. Wachau marks the summer solstice with bonfires. Spitz has the Apricot Fair. And you experience life from its most boundless perspective….



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