Carinthia is known as the land of the sun. Because the sun here shines bright and long, and the whole world is filled with light. Because it bestows its warmth on the countless lakes, forests, alpine villages and farms. And also because it puts radiance in the faces of the people, too. And fills every day of your holiday with new joy… Here, in a land of mountains and lakes, the rural culture has a special southern flair. Which is also why our hill, grassland, forestry and mountain farms thrive as they do. A specialty of this region are our mountain huts, rented out to holidaymakers in search of a much more self-sufficient lifestyle. We invite you to vie with the sun when it comes to radiance. Show us your most beautiful, most heartfelt smile. Soon you will be laughing out loud, from the bottom of your heart, and the nature around you will bloom anew. Here, life has much to do with love, and Farm Holidays with kindness, both given and received … Farmers. Traditions. Tidbits. Upper Carinthia is rich in alpine pastures, whilst the Lavantal is a paradise abundant with fruit. Regardless of where you ultimately choose, you will be able to obtain the cheese- and mint-stuffed Carinthian Kasnudeln everywhere. And much, much more.  Schlickkrapfen with a meat filling, Ritschert stew with beans, pork-knuckle soup, sour Kirchtagssuppe soup, sweet Reindling cake … And if you are wondering what you should do with all that energy you are stocking up on, we would recommend taking part in local traditions such as the Kirchleintragen. Or perhaps in the procession of lights in Bad Eisenkappel. Have the ingredients of your Easter meal blessed at the Blessing of Meat. And on Whit Monday, it will be time again for the famous Kufenstechen fair in Feistritz an der Gail…