Styria is known as the land with the green heart. No wonder, because everything here is green indeed.  Because holidays here come from the heart, and go straight to the heart. From the alpine pastures to the apple plantations. From the dense forests to the lush meadows and pastures. From the rugged cliffs to the bubbling healing springs … Here, in Austria’s own version of Tuscany with its vast areas of forest, we encounter the full spectrum of Austrian farm design, including the PaarhofHaufenhofDrei-and VierseithofHaken- and Streckhof, and many more. Cattle and horses play a major role, as do “squeak boxes” (accordions, that is!). And at least one time, you need to stroll through the wonderful fruit orchards and vineyards here, for a delightful taste of how true holidays are meant to be. And then, when you sit down for a quiet meal back at the farm, you will learn of so many more things that you should know and do. And taste! … Farmers. Traditions. Tidbits. The farmers know what is good. Ausseerland lake char, Graz Krauthäuptel lettuce, Murtal Styrian cheese, Styrian horseradish, Vulkanland ham. Delicious bacon diced up for spreads. Accompanied by scarlet runner-bean salad, Heidensterz buckwheat mush and Schilcher wine … Pumpkinseed oil also has its place here practically everywhere. As do you, of course.  At hill farms. At fruit farms. At wine festivals along the Southern Styria Wine Road, the Apple Road, and in the Thermenland region. In Murau, where they celebrate the Samson Festival. And in Aussee, a land bedecked in narcissuses. And everywhere you go, the air filled with music …


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