A Culinary papering at Urška Farm near Zreče



A weekend of experiences with lessons in baking crackling poticaor cooking jam

Owing to its small size, the farm has been running a tourist business since 1991. Since last restored, its facilities include 4 double rooms with an optional extra bed, 2 family rooms with four beds in two separate rooms and one double room adapted to meet European standards for the disabled.

A special experience is sleeping in the barn, which also provides shelter to the farm animals (sheep, chicken, rabbits and ducks). Along with the outdoor playground, they will be particularly popular with children. Adults may prefer the wellness house which offers the comforts of relaxing in a massage pool, steam bath, dry sauna and hay bath. As a wellness advisor, Urška will be happy to tell you more about the leisure and health options available and about leading a healthy lifestyle.

Regular guests at Urška Farm are used to being pampered in every way – with food, drink, hospitality, surprises on various occasions and small gifts.

The food set on the table is made from ingredients largely grown on the farm and will tantalize even the more demanding eaters. The cuisine is based on recipes passed down the generations and modernized by housewife Vilma, who has been giving them a personal touch for more than 20 years. Her true mastery at cooking is confirmed by many awards, including Delo’s Zlata žlica(Golden Spoon). She is passing her skills to her daughter Urška who now wields the cooking spoon by herself and most of all loves making jam. Her grape jam has won two awards in the Okusi Rogle(Tastes of Rogla) brand rating of local specialities and a gold medal in the Dobrote slovenskih kmetij(Slovenian Farm Specialities) rating.

The Topolšek family can offer some fine wines from their cellar to go with the cuisine: Blaufrankisch, rosé, Rhine Riesling, Sauvignon, Pinot Blanc, ice Welschriesling. As a sommelier, Urška is happy to recommend the wine that complements a certain dish. Excellent apple, elder or redcurrant juices are also often found on the table.

The farm received a certificate for organic farming in 2011.

Urška Farm is the first farm in Slovenia to bear the ekomarjetica(eco-daisy) label. Establishments with a ‘daisy’ are formally recognized as environment-friendly, which means they strive for reduced air pollution and more efficient use of energy and other natural resources.



Day 1

Arrival at the farm in the late afternoon. A warm welcome is followed by some information about the farm and programme, and then by Urška’s dinner.


Day 2

At daybreak, the birds and farm rooster might inspire you to watch nature as it wakes up in the morning.

After a rich breakfast, you will learn how to bake bread and a crackling roll. First, the housewife will help you knead the dough, and while it is rising, you will get to know the farm.

Next you will be shaping bread products and preparing the crackling roll. After you have put them in the oven, you can enjoy a nice chat or soak up the atmosphere as you wait for the delicious smell of baked bread. You will want to taste the freshly baked products while still warm and, if any are left over, take them home next day to show your loved ones what you have learnt.

Instead of baking, you can learn how to make jam when autumn fruit is in season. You will be setting out into the orchard/vineyard basket in hand to pick some fruit/grapes. Next you will prepare it for cooking. While stirring diligently, you will be told what else, besides fruit or grapes, goes into homemade jam. When cooked, you will pour it into small jars that have been prepared in advance and seal them. After being left to cool you can take the jars home as a souvenir of the flavours from Urška Farm.

Next is lunch, after which you have the afternoon off to take a rest or explore the near area.

When back, you will venture into the wine cellar to find out about the wine-making process and taste 3 samples of wine. The tasting is followed by dinner.


Day 3

After breakfast it is recommended to stop on the way home and see the nearby Carthusian monastery in Žiče and sample their herbal spreads.

Recommended months for staying: all year

At Urška Farm you can buy: felt products, wooden kitchen boards, jams, wines, juices, etc.

The price for a weekend package which includes tasting 3 wine samples and baking and tasting bread products and crackling roll or cooking jams is EUR 135 per person for a minimum of 5 adult participants.

The hosts will be happy to cater to your needs and prepare other memorable experiences for your group. Your call and visit will be warmly received.